Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Dark alter incursion bug (Windows)

The assassins target the mystic towers straight away when the wave starts, i cant draw aggro until the mystic towers are destroyed.

The moment there arent any players alive they target the other towers.

o0Exile0o posted this bug on10/15/16
Petire 10/17/16 12:13

There are some targeting issues with the assassins. But they should still prioritize players over anything else. The bug is that they do not re-target players if they start attacking a tower. 

Zimmermann 10/18/16 12:14

They completely wreck my towers that are attackable. In my experience they demolish squire blockades and apprentice Frostbite Towers, but I have not tested other towers.

Extremely irritating bug.

Zimmermann 10/18/16 12:15

they also can attack the Core, as well as cleave from towers onto the Core! LOL

Dani 11/03/16 20:10

Issue resolved in next release.