Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Siege Roller getting stuck in spawn location on Wyvren Den (Windows)

Two spawned in the close left and right lanes, The right hand side lanes Siege Roller got stuck in the spawn location.

Had to leave the map as after 10 mins, 5 attacking it from the front,, I did 200k dmg total and the other 5 mins afking hoping it would despawn I had to leave the map.

Zimmermann posted this bug on12/17/16
Deadringers 12/20/16 04:03

+1 on this. 

I had one spawn from the far right/rear lane (as you facing Betsy).


It got stuck and it took us a good few minutes to DPS it with two Dragolich's and two high geared GunWitches.

Znajipen 03/08/17 09:01

for me it happend on dead road map, the siege roller was out on the lane i was going to spank its as and it teleported back to its spawn and sunk in to the ground there was nothing i coud do /restart. and on another but maby same note som enemies seems to be teleporting some when its crouded especialy the blue lightning orcs they often teleport behind my blockades or jump over them it seems. 


Petire 03/16/17 17:04

I am moving this specific bug to fixed, as this specific spawner should be fixed I am doing a pass on every spawner on every map and getting stuck enemies and will do what I can to fix it!