Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Maldonis Incursion (Windows)

During game play on Maldonis Incursion, I noticed the AI were making their own path. Attached is a link to the video, with footage of the issue, contained in the video is footage of  the splines showing that the AI did deviate from the predetermined path that they should have been on. 




Thank you for your time.








Hodor posted this bug on12/16/16
[TE]Sev3n 12/16/16 15:17

This appears to actually be a different issue in that the Viper's Fangs tower is attracting those guys from way too far away.

Thanks for the video and report!

Hodor 12/16/16 19:28

I had some errands to run or I would have replied sooner, yea it would appear that the Viper's Fangs are causing the enemies to go up the hill after it lol. 

I managed to duplicate the issue, then correct it by moving the tower :)