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Earthshatter wont target bosses (Windows)
For weeks now I've noticed that Earthshatter Tower wont target certain bosses. It just ignores them, like they would a flying enemy.
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I'm using a Legendary Mark with the MODS Defense Rate Servo, Shatterquake and Anti-Melee Servo. The Shards are Defense Rate, Mass Destruction and Earth Toss. Playing with Adept.

The bosses that are ignored are Shield Goblin Gorbstock(? The Shield Goblin-boss anyway), Cannon Ogre and Malthius. 

I can understand the reasoning behind Malthius as he is levitating, but on the other hand, regular Support Dark Mages are targeted by the Earthshatter Tower, however I see no reason why the walking bosses like Cannon Ogre and Shield Goblin-boss are not targeted.

Expected Results: Either give the Shield Goblin boss and Cannon Ogre the ability to fly or make the tower target them?

Bibbol posted this bug on09/29/18
TE Jephya 10/01/18 15:28

Hello Bibbol!

We have identified the issue and are currently working on a fix and should have it rolled out within the next couple of updates.

Thank you for improving Dungeon Defenders 2!

Griifen 10/14/18 15:58

Hi there. This bug still isn't fixed

Terrordan 10/20/18 07:55

I noticed this on the ps4 as well. Next to the mentioned mobs the Yeti boss is also not targeted in my experience