Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Unable to equip (Windows)
items won't be equipped but straight sent to scavanger, sometimes even not there just straight up deleted
Repro Chance: 100%
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So i decided to give a second shot to the game before i quit after carneval update, but now after playing for 10 hours ive encountered bug where i couldn't equip my relics that ive had in my inventory, they would just not equip whatsoever, and sometimes dissapear from my inventory entirely but show up at scavanger, while also have a small chance of deleting itself (thats how i lost my mythical and legendary relic), and its not just related to relics, i can't equip pets nor use feed to level them up, i have checked my internet connection and it is stable 10mbps up and down. ive tried validating steam files, reinstalling, reconnecting, still the problem persists and dosent go away

Expected Results: item return and bug fix so i can finally optimize my character

DragonMoonCheese posted this bug on06/20/18
ConnorM 06/20/18 17:40

So I can reproduce this happening, we are currently trying to figure out why. One work around I found moving everything you currently have in bag 1 to the stash and then claiming the shards. At that point I was able to equip the shards and they stayed equipped. It's not a great solution, but it might be enough to allow you to play normally until we find a complete fix.

Nulx 06/22/18 00:25

Happening to me as well, lost couples of items already. Hard earn medals, items goes to waste. thinking of quitting the game -,-

ConnorM 06/22/18 19:06

A bugfix was recently pushed onto the servers that may resolve this issue. Please respond back if this issue is still occurring for you.