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Proton Beam (Windows)
Proton beam is no longer benefiting from points spent to increase its slow amount in the utility section of ascension, the increase in slow amount is also not showingon the stat sheet.
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well the short description pretty much sums this up, i am not the only player affected by this.

Expected Results: return proton to how it was before, trendy you seem to have broken quite a few things with the last update.

MeGa.Hz posted this bug on01/28/18
TE Jephya 01/29/18 10:00

Hi MeGa.Hz!

Thanks for your submission. We are aware of a few talents that are not currently functioning when putting in Ascension Points. We have submitted these issues into our database and will have a fix for these is the next couple of updates.

Thank you for helping improve Dungeon Defenders 2!