Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Vampiric Empowerment doesnt work (Windows)
Equiping the shard and read the stats in the background it does nothing to the stats http://puu.sh/y4z6Q.jpg
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

equip shard and loock at the stats

Expected Results: noting close to the promised effect

Znajipen posted this bug on10/22/17
ConnorM 10/23/17 10:30

Thanks for your bug report! We've investigated your report and followed your instructions, but we were unable to reproduce the bug on our end.

Being able to successfully reproduce a bug is critical to the process of bug fixing. Without a successful step-by-step list of instructions to get the bug to happen, we won't be able to fix this bug. If you (or anyone else reading this) have any additional information that could lead us to successfully reproduce this issue, please reply to this thread. If we do not receive any additional information, we will close this report in two weeks, and we'll ask you to resubmit the report once you have new details that could lead to a successful repro of this bug.

Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you!

Znajipen 10/29/17 14:28 @6362

as you can se vampiric empowerment increases the defence power by 60% of defence healt and in this screenshot defence healt for the totem is 10616 meaning the defence pover shoud be getting a 6369 buff to defence power however as statet in the picture in the background you can se the defence power total is only 4391. the totem in picture has 4071 in defence power so the stats doesnt uppdate

ConnorM 10/30/17 10:54

So it gives the correct actual boost to the tower, just not to the stats listed in the inventory? That is what I am getting here.

Znajipen 10/31/17 14:44 @6381

i dont know if the tower does the correct amount of damage since its my friend that reported this problem to me and he hasent made a bug report account i my self have no way of testing this. if you want i can sitt down whit him and we can take print screens of the damage whitout and whit the shard ?


ok we have now tried with and whitout shard on for 1 minute and the average dps for the tower whitout shard was 270,000 and whit shard for 1 munite was 334,000 giving us a total dps increase of 22% now i dont know if there are anny other faktors that make upp the defence damage of the tower other then defence power, but  acording to me defence power = damage and the damage is nowhere near the promised 60%

and on the other note previous screenshot seems to show only and increase in defence power by 120 flat while it infact shoud be showing a whole lote more currently he tried whitout shard and towerstat said defence power was 8207 and whit the shard 8327

Edited on: 10/31/17 16:21
gumby 01/26/18 16:45 @6385

vamp works totally fine you just dont understand how the stats work, and that little inventory stat screen doesnt calculate correctly, so what you need to do in order to actually test this is find a green totem and green medallion so a relic that gives a singular stat for health and for power that are in the same area then apply the shard to the totem and if your towers attack damage stat when you inspect the tower itself not in the inventory screen is about the same, its working. and i am using 3 obelisks with vamp on totems that hit like they have medallions equipped so i do know it is in fact working

MeGa.Hz 02/01/18 11:42 @6681

i think what he is implying is that the health boost from the fortification shard has no effent on the stat boost from vampiric empowerment, and i have tested this on multiple defense. having fortification on which increases defense health does not affect the power boost from vampiric empowerment, it doesnt matter the relics thats used you should still be able to see a change in stats however little.