Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Catacombs Map crash (Windows)

While on Catacombs the map will crash for everyone I'm pretty sure I've narrowed it down to the Mystics Viper's fang it can happen on wave one or wave 7 or anywhere in between most frequently for me it's wave 4 and 5 

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Video post (will be up at 4:30 pm est 11/11/2016


The Foam Helmet posted this bug on11/11/16
The Foam Helmet 11/11/16 16:44

I have videos of same build using other shields but it only crashes with mystic


Avashel 02/28/17 20:53

I have had it crash without the mystic. I played with 2 other friends on this map and none of us have mystic. I have tried this map several times today all crashing between lvls 2-5. 

LannDoc 03/05/17 13:05

Same here,

Using Viper, Crashes on Wave 2

Dreamanime 03/10/17 10:04

This issue still occurs and it also seems that Forest Biome has the same problem, it is just more random there and does not happen so often.