Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

"Delete Hero" button does not work (Windows)

Hello, today i was farming with my dsp monk and all my card slots were full, i clicked on a card that i did not want (squire), i saw a "Delete Hero" button in red under my cards and i tryed to click it, nothing happend i have tryed many things to solve this like: removing all heros in my deck, go in and out of my inventory, add and remove the card to and from my deck. nothing will work and i really want a dps archer, can someone please tell me if im doing something wrong or if a member of the Trendy Entertainment team can fix this, i have no money to pay for another card, thank you and i hope someone can help me.

ding posted this bug on11/10/16
D.Gonzalez 11/10/16 13:51

So there's a new method for deleting heroes from your profile / deck. You have to use the "MY HEROES LIST" and select the hero you wish to delete from the list. Select Delete and then confirm the action. There is an issue with accessing the old Hero Deck from the ESC u.i. that makes the old Delete button appear but it's non-functional.

ding 11/12/16 14:46

Thank you, it would be nice for you to remove the button, but thats fine.

ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 11/14/16 12:53

There is a Forge UI revamp coming around very soon that will completely remove this UI. So this will get resolved when the UI is replaced. Well.... so long as we don't break the new delete hero button lol. ( o.o)b