Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Game crash (Windows)
Game crashed after i pressed "e" on the war table Happens randomly
Repro Chance: 50%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Sometimes the game crashes when i interact with the war table

Expected Results: Fixing the problem

mikepla posted this bug on08/03/17
Xenistro 08/04/17 21:43

Confirm this happens on Xbox as well. Moment the war table is touched, the game freezes, then crashes. 

koolone 08/12/17 21:43

the game crashes all the time for my system and my brothers all the time ps4. especially when he joins mine for co-op or when we back out of lobby and it tries to throw us be into the stupid lagging town where people are spamming towers and spells, instead of throwing us back to where we were and where we want to be our private non-lagging tavern. that and since the update the colors or items are all screwy greens sometimes org, pinks blue, blues org, etc.

Mr.Unreliable 08/14/17 02:50

Also confirming random game crashes when interacting with war table. (pc windows)


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Bpython 08/14/17 11:59

Also confirming random game crashes no matter what we are doing.

TheLostGirlIsOne 08/18/17 01:40

My friends and I recently found this game and have been experiencing this problem as well. It's very annoying and I have no idea how to fix it.

Wertyus23 08/19/17 22:16

I had this issue when my friend and I were in a private tavern (he is the party leader), then we start and complete a mission.(He has summary disabled for some reason) I press return to tavern. I returned to the tarvern then waited for my friend to return to the tavern via the 90 seconds after a match. Game tells him he is not the party leader. I use the war table because we think I am the new party leader, (yet we don't know why he is not the party leader) so I use the wartable and WHAM, game crash. The error log tells me a file is missing afterward. 

FallNnHero 08/29/17 19:04

I start DD2 total normaly and than i come ito the menu. all is normal than i will join into the Town or into the private tavern. So now come the loading screen and than will crash the game Erroratal error

SpottierPower4 07/12/18 18:19

Can confirm this is still happening on Xbox.  Sometimes I can go a night without a crash, other nights it happens a few times.  I was at a shop screen recently when it happened.  I will provide more details the next time it happens.

Mihawk 08/26/18 20:55

Xbox One

O jogo congela e fecha quando: retorno de uma partida para a torre, quando estou na torre e estou arrumando o meu inventario para vender e organizar meus itens.


- o jogo congela e fecha quando: Eu retorno de uma partida para a torre, quando estou na torre e estou arrumando meu inventário para vender ou organizar meus itens.

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inos23 09/29/18 19:59

My game always crash when end map.
Select replay or random map, after crash the game with one FATAL  ERROR. 
Repro Chance 100%
How can i upload a image?


grub 10/09/18 13:46

The game crashes for me before I can even load into the tavern or town. I have tried reinstalling and verifying my files without success


Haulin tubbies 11/04/18 15:20

Every time I attempt to start any activity away from the public area or private tavern whether it be war table or to go to a private tavern the game will crash, 100% of the time making the game unplayable.