Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Food Box glitches (Windows)
I had posted on a thread in the forums about the shading being a little too dark on the lower section of the box, on certain maps. ok np right. so recently as of yesterday i have been getting these things happening on the boxes. some photos included. this is uncledaddy fyi.
Repro Chance: 70%
Steps for Bug Repro:

get pet food drops. like either i happens from the start or it doesn't happen. probably


i have a few more photos

2 out of 5-7 matches

Expected Results: you got me

MrBlack posted this bug on07/29/17
yookuh 08/02/17 23:26

Alright, so I didn't notice this on my first few games but by about my fifth game streak I did notice it. 

When you're far away you don't see the different shading:

No shade


Then I moved in closer and the shade appeared

Shade appears


Not sure if this helps -- I will maybe update later if we ever lose tonight to see if it ever happens on the first game or if its after you've been on a streak.

Cyborg3201 08/23/17 12:32

i also seen this

when you also pout the hero in the light , it also ge the red texture