Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Gunwith crosshair projection offset by visible items(hornets/worldtree etc) (Windows)
gunwitch targets the visible targetcrosshair, or attempts to. instead of targeting behind the shoottrough object. resulting in a 60°+ missaligned shoot. shortfix solution: check herotargeting for shootable objects instead of visible and adjust hight of hornets to not be the same as horizontal cameraalignment
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

gunwitch, railgun(mostly noticeable for the graficeffect)

stand near but outside of the worldtree, when its still fully visible.

gunwitch attempts to shoot on the collision of playercrosshair with the invisble part of the worldtree-box.

moving closer to the tree lets the projectile, spawn inside of the tree(while fully visible) and hit the intended target behind it.

mostly noticeable if targeting the upper green treepart, as the angle-alignment is the largest there.


also able to reproduce it with hornets, if they are nearby the cameraposition.

initial targeting projection(no the crosshair itself) switches positions, if hornets are visible for around 1/3 of its body, for consistend reproduction.

reproducable  10% of time: but can also apear half a meter around visible hornetpositions(? invisible unspawned hornets blocking the targeting?)



Expected Results: being able to shoot in a stright line with guns or enemys behind trees or hornets

Nanu posted this bug on07/16/17
D.Gonzalez 07/20/17 11:52

So given the description of your bug and my personal reproduction, what you're seeing is the camera offset. This is just a minor visual difference, the projectile itself is following the appropriate trajectory respective to the reticle. The visual offset is for the gunwitch and her person when the camera zooms. To my knowledge this does not negatively impact the functionality of this ability, it's just a weird visual offset.

Thanks for reporting this issue.