Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

EV2 Death from above launch heights (Xbox One)
When using death from above in an area with an uneven or low ceiling, the character glitches around. Like vibrating or bouncing on low ceilings or sometimes being randomly launched twice the height, way above the map.
Repro Chance: 90%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Stand in area with lower ceiling, even the tavern - activate death from above and watch your characters movement against the blocking ceiling. As for the double height, just use death from above regularly each match. I get it at least once every 1-2 games. 

Expected Results: Limit the jump height from death from above to also consider the position of the character. If it is activated in an area with low ceiling, perhaps limit it (like an if statement) to slightly below the ceiling height. As for the double, make it so no height can be gained after the duration of death from above activating (once at max height, dont allow more height)

NoLubeNoMercy posted this bug on07/11/17
Dr.Shadox 07/12/17 13:57

My friend on  PC have sometime an "issue" while using this too , reaching a very high height while playing (but we found that funny TBH).

Ryusei 07/17/17 03:45

Tbh, I wish I could proc the super launch every time I use the ability. As it stands, I can only get it to proc maybe once each game if I'm using EV2 the whole time. I feel it would make a fine addition as a boots shard as there are some maps that could make good use of it (Unholy Catacombs, Molten Citadel, King's Game if it gets remade, etc.). I'm surprised there's a shard that increases her air time but not her launch height. 

With regard to getting stuck on low ceilings, it would be neat if Trendy could set up her Death from Above ability to be like the jump jets of the mechs from MechWarrior/MechAssault. That is, having the ability to control when the jets are keeping you in the air with a finite amount of energy to use before falling to the ground to replenish your stores. This would allow for more versatility when maneuvering around each map and make dodging attacks easier as you'd gain the ability to manipulate the y-axis. Additionally, the increased air time shard would complement this rather well and in itself be a good alternative to adding a launch height shard.