Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Lady Orcs Sometimes Ignore Walls (Windows)
Lady Orcs run fast enough that they can get to a wall before the wall's 'taunt pulse'. This can cause them to walk right around a wall. Or, in some cases on some maps, can cause them to be pushed through a small gap by the crowd of mobs coming behind them. Because they hit so hard, you can lose a map before you can get to them.
Repro Chance: 20%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Build a map on Chaos 4 or higher

2. Place walls within "3 Fire Aura" distance to the spawner (common arrangement when trying to protect sub-objectives e.g. on Sewers)

3. Observe Lady Orc behavior

Note: You can sometimes observe the AI getting "confused". If the LO gets to a wall before the taunt pulse, but the wall is built in such a way that there are no valid paths past the wall, the LQ will stand in front of the wall not attacking. I've found this happens when I stagger two walls, the LO gets to the first wall but has no path to the second wall with out "backing up".  Once the wall taunt pulse happens, the "confused" orc correctly engages the first wall. 


Note 2: This behavior can also sometimes cause the LO to run past the wall a short way, stop, turn around and attack the wall from behind. Presumably because the taunt pulse came shortly after the LO arrived at the wall and ran past. 

Expected Results: I expect the walls to correctly taunt all the mobs pathing down the lane. LO ignoring the walls seems to be a race condition, which makes it hard to plan for. It requires over-engineering a map with staggered walls until you out-gear the content, making the transition to new difficulties frustrating.

Antiproton posted this bug on07/09/17
ObeseLemur 07/12/17 05:15

Also having this issue - Extremely frustrating!

JZsweep 07/13/17 02:21

This is really annoying. Even in the middle of waves the LO will sit at the side of a barrier, hit a few times and then just move on.

Yevey 07/21/17 20:06

Cannot complete Forest Crossroads because the lady orcs just ignore my walls and dummies EVERY single time and I just can't defend the crystal cart against 4 of them....

RoastBeef 07/26/17 17:57

I find that the skeleton also ignores towers. not sure if its all the time, but when they get up , they just walk right past a tower they were previously attacking.


Edited on: 07/26/17 17:59
Yamato 08/08/17 17:29

The perfect FAIL combo. 
Minimap Disappear + Orc Lady (Berserker) two-hit the crystal.

Rasky 08/10/17 15:17

happening every match now, Another solution - Rename Lady orcs to Assasins. since there better and sneak attacks.

koolone 08/12/17 21:40

My brother and I have witnessed this on many many occasions and it really pisses us off because a lot of times we can barely save the crystal because luckily they end up destroy the 2nd layer barricade as a precaution for the bs orcs that jump the walls, climbs the ledges actually sat and watched them do it, even ignored the box that is suppose to be the blockades actual close off box. and we usually have to use 2+ barricades on ea lane just to close a lane because none of them stop to focus on the barricade anymore like suppose to they will just run past it and even destroy non threating towers that are non even in the path which aren't suppose to happen. starting to lose interest with all the game mechanics not acting the way should act.

Yamato 08/20/17 03:01

I thought it might be a problem with "Tree" blockade i was using [which have a tiny little area], but i also tried with every blockade available (even Maw) and she passed through every single one. The Maw of the Earth Drake experience was odd, since the blockade is HUGE, she couldn't pass through them, so she sort of teleported on top of the tower, and after a few hits, proceeded with her Douchebag AI rushing towards the crystal. 

thefake 08/25/17 01:01

Not the biggest issue I've had, I just throw up another wall, but would like to see some attention on this, I thought they targeted shields before anything else

Mihawk868 08/29/17 05:02

I also have this problem ;/

cost me to loose a very good game with friends

Danfeop 09/03/17 05:35

Adding my voice to a bug the needs to be fixed asap!!


They and skeletons will just randomly ignore the wall every couple matches or so.

Even if placed more than 3 aura lengths back from spawn i will still get this bug occurring.

Danfeop 09/16/17 23:17

Do they actually fix bugs?? This one is still a major issue after weeks of being in bug report. Even after being stunned right next to the wall they just continue to run past it, its ridiculous.

Leonardo 09/28/17 17:52

+1 They Ignore walls more times and going to destroy Crystals !!!

Berlas 12/17/17 16:00

Very frustrating, I blocked all the path, and in the last wave of last map of an Multi-onslaugh-floor one Lady Orc slipped past the Walls. No chance to deny her  destroying the cristal '*`?=!!! Not funny, please fix this!!

Tara01 01/19/18 20:23

This is still an issue... is there any word on this? Doing onslaught is basically impossible since they just run past blockades or glitch over them...

stchaosknight 02/13/18 09:15

Needs a fix. Still bugged!

PrefoX 02/17/18 16:29

Just to let you know, this is not a bug, its intended... just block the whole lane so you can't past the way anymore or kill them fast enough.

kanth1113 03/29/18 13:58

double wall it


Platek 05/10/18 20:04

This "ladies" aren't the only one who ignore walls, also Skeleton boss is completely ignoring walls and not being attacked after respawn.

xYorYx 05/13/18 03:15

Confirming that this bug still exists. I've had it countless time and is one of the main reasons to lose a map. The way to avoid this bug was to kill the Lady Orcs fast, but now that Dryad's Slimes were nerfed this is not so easy anymore and the bug is more obvious than ever.

ZeSu 06/05/18 17:49

It can destroy all game on 5 wave... laste secs but she will ignore your wall for some reason -_-

Pentor 07/06/18 01:21

Still happening, unless this is actually intended. 

SpottierPower4 07/13/18 12:07

Just to put my thoughts out there...

From my experience, it seems like they don't ignore walls overall.  I've seen a pack of LOrcs stampede to my wall, and as they "stack up" on the wall, they each look for an opening where they can fit and start swinging.  If they can't find this opening, they will walk around the wall if possible where if the wall is still close enough to aggro them, they'll attack it from behind.  I think the ones that escape the walls are the ones that can't find an opening, circle the wall, still can't find an opening to attack, so they proceed toward the crystal.  I'll see if I can get video of this occurring some time.  If anyone can produce video of lady orcs passing through walls, I imagine that'd be very helpful for devs to investigate.

M0deRa1n 09/13/18 08:09

The bug is still present, any incoming fix for this?

manchango 10/17/19 18:01

I have submitted a separate bug report for the shackle mod not working over two weeks ago and it is still “under review” but I have no idea if anybody has even seen it. Sorry to post on this bug but I don't know how to get anybody's attention, please help!!!! I would love acknowledgement that you received my bug report and will look into it (: