Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Unable to change costume (Xbox One)
After buying the dark costume for the Abyss character, I've noticed the only way to equip the new costume is through creating a character. If you then go back to the seamstress and look at the wardrobe tab, it'll revert to the original costume. Changing singular pieces from the original costume works fine, unfortunately theres no option to change to a themed costume.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Pressing 'A', 'start' or 'x' to custimize will not equip a costume, it will highlight individual pieces but after pressing 'B' to leave the wardrobe tab, it then highlights the original costume and doesn't let you change.  Reverting to the original costume after creating a character with the new costume, happens after entering the store of the seamstress with said character.

Expected Results: Not able to change costume and reverting to original costume when in the store of seamstress.

Stik posted this bug on06/22/17
Petire 06/22/17 11:25

This is a known bug that we were unable to fix upon the release of xbox. There is a work around which I will explain.

Go to the Seamstress (Costume shop) and get to the point of selecting the costume you want to equip. Once the costume is shown on the character us Left Bumber to go back to your list of characters. The costume should now be equipped. 

This will be fixed in our never Xbox update!