Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Swapping characters in the middle of a round sometimes causes them to die. (Windows)
Switching characters during a round sometimes causes them to spontaneously combust and die. This used to happen before but didn't actually kill the character. Now, it does kill the character.
Repro Chance: 10%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Switch characters during a round.

Expected Results: Switching to a new character without dying.

Fat Cat on Mars posted this bug on06/20/17
RinV1 06/25/17 19:32

Seems very random, but I too am experiencing this quite often. Sometimes after a round has ended and you go into build phase, when I swap to a dif hero the hero I swap to dies. Happens during combat phase too.

nightlocker89 07/04/17 17:53

this same issue has happened to me alot recently but the hero doesn't die

JZsweep 07/06/17 03:06

I've had to happen where the character doesn't actually die. Never actually died from the issue

Sonny6155 07/15/17 07:41

I noticed that most of the times, for me, it will spawn you back where you died, and sometimes back at spawn (maybe when it can't spawn you back where you were). This bug also occurs in the Public Tavern.

ObeseLemur 07/19/17 00:25

Happens quite often for me, or sometimes the character model dissappears, just leaving the weapon equipped visable, and unable to use abilities/build defences. I find that this happens more commenly when playing on poor connection (downloading through steam or over capacity network)

shapeshiftingpedro 11/25/17 03:05

Bug is not fixed, it still happens when you have a slower internet connection.

TheIconianCat 12/07/17 08:07

ive had something similar though my character never dies from it. instead i get a jarring gong ringing for the death sound and my screen shakes briefly showing a 0 second respawn timer but my character does still switch at full health. not actually dying.

Tizzu 08/30/18 05:19

It still happens when two heroes have a big difference of health and quick swap between them

Baks 09/11/19 12:01

nor fixed