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[Shards] Power bolts, Heavy Cannonball (Windows)

Power bolts - Whenever I try to access any relic to equip my Power bolts, I can't find the shard on the list as if it's not for relic.

Heavy Cannonball - It seems that description on that one is misleading, spawned heavy cannonball doesn't do % value of tower's damage, instead it does % value of defense power. 

Bakty posted this bug on03/12/17
LotK 03/14/17 07:41
I can confirm the Heavy Cannonball bug and it also is NOT affected by the Destruction (34% DP) Shard
kwel 03/14/17 15:32

Got answer on my bug report ""Power Bolts" shard cannot be inserted to some type of relics":

[TE]Sev3n 03/13/17 19:34 It looks like this was based off the rarity of the relic. It can only be equipped to legendary relics. This is of course a bug. Head over to the bug over here and give it a thumbs up. https://bugs.dungeondefenders2.com/home/bug/1645/shards-power-bolts-heavy-cannonball


Edited on: 03/14/17 15:32
siac4 03/18/17 13:52

Confirm that Power Bolts Shard can only be equipped to a Legedneray Relic.

Krynn 04/02/17 15:08

this happend to me after upgrade the shard and changed meddalion, unequip and cant find in menu... 

Nickname 04/05/17 12:07

yea heavy cannon ball is bugged it doesnt do % value of defense power, it just do some random damage