Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Worn/Sturdy-quality Abyss Lord Tomes dropping with generic names and then being deleted from inventory (Windows)

Worn/Sturdy quality Abyss Lord tomes drop with generic "GARMENT NAME" item names, and upon returning to the Tavern, are deleted from your inventory without warning.

NOTE: This bug was previously declined without comment, but is still occurring.  I am resubmitting it, as no explanation for its decline was given, and no response was made to my comments after more than a week.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Complete a low-level Campaign map as the Abyss Lord, particularly a loot-heavy map such as Throne Room.
  2. Look for Worn/Sturdy quality Tomes
  3. They will have a generic "GARMENT NAME" item name
  4. Pick one up and return to the Tavern.
  5. It will be deleted from your inventory, with a blank space where the tome once was

Screenshots: This first one proves that the generic-named tomes are dropping in the wild.

The same tome, in my inventory after picking it up.

Nerva posted this bug on03/09/17
Nerva 03/09/17 03:17

Ugh, the link to the previous bug didn't paste right.  The previous bug that was declined without comment is here.

[TE]Sev3n 03/13/17 13:23

I'm not sure why it was declined last time. Sorry about that.
I have confirmed that this issue is occurring. Thank you for the report.