Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

EV2 - Weapon Manufacturer not updating (Windows)

If you place down a Weapon Manufacturer as EV2 if will not Update its damage in game, only the inspection will tell the damage it should do.

This means you cannot buff it  and changing equipment won't affect already placed WMs.


Steps to reproduce:

1. Have no Relic in the Weapon Manufacturer Slot

2. Place it down (dummy will work)

3. Put Item in the WM Slot and inspect it

4. Watch the real damage dealt to enemy's staying at the base value.

LotK posted this bug on03/05/17
Dreamanime 03/10/17 10:20

I can confirm this, because of this bug it is not possible to buff the WM.

Rahlence 03/19/17 12:16

I can confirm this.  Radiant power, frosty power, buff beams, and boost aura have no actual effect on the WM.  The tooltips change, but the damage stays at whatever value it was when the WM was placed.

Xhell96 04/09/17 01:17

I noticed something probably linked to this: When in tavern the WM won't crit when you build them until you swap hero and come back on the EV2 again.