Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Siege Roller stuck a at spawn point in dark road chaos 3 (PS4)

in the northeast spawn point, whenever a seige roller spawn, it will get stuck. spending 45 mins waiting for the bees to kill it, is a kill joy.

kyubey posted this bug on03/01/17
[TE]Sev3n 03/01/17 15:44

I was able to see the Siege roller getting stuck, but it doesn't quite fit your description. Can you please provide a screenshot of the exact spot where your Siege Roller got stuck? Thank you for the report.

LjMjollnir 03/04/17 23:01

Heres a screen shot from my game i just had right now



Chaos 3.. if we didnt have ghostly halbards this would have been most upsetting....

Znajipen 03/08/17 09:06

exactly the same happend to me on PC same spawn and everything but my roller teleported back into the spawn after being out on the lane


LjMjollnir 03/09/17 07:00

Additional information..

Ogres can get stuck on the same spot ;)


zerozhang 03/10/17 19:03

same problem and this is the second time it happen. It happen yesterday for me as well. Same spot same map.

Sam 03/12/17 12:14

2 Times today & 1 yesterday, in the dead road map, chaos 3 too, in a public session, spent 10-15 mins to kill it with some good guys on the 4th wave. (good thing it had only like 7.5 million HP.

sadly, 1 blue orc passed the wall and destroyed the crystal on the 5th wave and 15 mins of killing a stuck roller is wasted T_T

Nerva 03/14/17 12:12

I can confirm that this is still occurring as of 3/14.

The Siege Roller got stuck on Wave 3/5 of Chaos 3 Trials on Dead Road, attempting to leave spawn on the east-northeast lane, the one with the hairpin turn beneath the acid fruit tree trap.