Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Ogre gets stuck- Dragonfall baazar (Windows)

Ogre was stucked for 10minutes, then he despawned. It happened at 4th wave, right entrance.



Kemir posted this bug on03/01/17
Zimmermann 03/07/17 13:35

same thing for me, went afk came back still stuck had to leave the map.

lili 03/07/17 20:10

Didn't despawn for us, had to quit out of the game. Same Entrance playing in Chaos one during the third wave. 

opfer 03/08/17 05:13

Once again ...


Thiboall 03/11/17 19:51

Same thing happened



diviator 03/13/17 17:35

Ogres stuck in the right-lane can sometimes be reached by abilities or defences. I know that Obelisks can hit hear.

Stucked Ogres in the mid-lane not so much. I had luck with a Volcano that could reach it. Obelisks can not hit here.

unoperation 03/16/17 00:35

I'm getting same result just now, havent despawned been going on for 20 mins waiting. same spot but in wave 3

Zombie Jesus 03/26/17 19:05

Happened to me several times.  Ogres & seige engine most often

mlgnuscup 04/07/17 11:49

happened to me on wave 2 i killed it with sword beam


AgentCachet 04/16/17 00:03

Just happened to me today. Stuck in right lane, looked like it actually spawned in the aerial lane instead of the proper ground lane.

Solimões 04/19/17 19:50

Didn't take 10 minutes, but roughly 5 to get him despawned, He got stuck in the center-northern entrance.