Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Bling-O-Midas Nonfunctional (Windows)

My Huntress's Bling-O-Midas, kept from before the Trials update, still tries to perform its special functions (gold slime arrows and gold spray on right-click charge), but they do nothing.  The spray comes out rotated 90-degrees (sprays vertically instead of horizontally) and deals no damage.

The weapon has a filled-in blue-dot which would indicate a locked passive shard, but no such shard exists in it.


Nerva posted this bug on03/01/17
ConnorM 03/01/17 12:56

Some Incursion weapons and their respective passives/Shards have been removed in this patch and will be re-introduced at a later date.

Nerva 03/01/17 15:57

I figured as much, but just to be clear, the bug is that the Bling-O-Midas is still attempting to function as though it still had its unique passive(s), when it doesn't anymore.  It's also showing a filled shard slot (as though it had a locked shard), when there are no shards in it.

Ggmdark 03/01/17 18:57

I can confirm this. With the Bling-o-midas, I can't "charge" the right click attack, since it just fires flames that do no damage.

DynamiteD 04/21/17 00:27

I can also confirm this, the Bling-O-Midas effectively does not have a secondary attack.

Edited on: 04/21/17 00:34