Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Malthius Spawn Kill (Windows)

in Malthius, I can jump from any edge of the map (where can I fall down and die) and use the monk's unique weapon from power surge to fly over the map and get to the spawn location of monsters and place some defenses in there.

mufaya posted this bug on10/14/16
Petire 10/14/16 14:33

There are a few places you can get out of the map, but I am not finding any areas to spawn kill enemies, can you get a screen shot or video of that area?

mufaya 10/16/16 09:55

this is where you jump (can be another place to fall)


 Go inside there



and there it is


I can attack it there


Wallewallewalle 01/01/17 16:34

Pretty sure this has been fixed.

ConnorM 03/16/17 17:31

Fixed by removal.