Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Map/Wave1 doesnt start (Windows)

When at least 3 players are on a map - 2 hit g to ready (not warmup - but ready to start the map) the countdown starts - when the 2 leave the countdown disappears and the "hit g to ready" comes back in - when the last player then hits g to start the map nothing happends

got that on grey stone plaza

opfer posted this bug on02/26/17
SpiderDanX 03/23/17 03:14

Received a bug very similar to this in recent days. Up voted :-)

Russolino 04/27/17 08:59

I have the same problem, but in my case we have a player that login and press G.. we kicked him because of that, than others come in and when we finish building after everyone press G , the wave change but did not start... hope it can help

Elf23 06/21/17 00:02

I've noticed this most on one map... (ah, bad memory) maybe called Nimbus Ruins? When whomever started the map leaves and someone takes over, no amount of pressing g will ever start the game. I've seen this today (June 20th). I'm pretty sure I've seen this on other maps randomly, but this specific scenario is a reliable bug on that specific map.

Ateam 07/31/17 04:12

Happened 2 or 3 times to me today...last time was on Choas 7 the other player left before the last wave,and It would not let me start the final wave.ii