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Skeletal Ramsters do not attack Betsy if placed on her landing zone (Windows)

If you place the Abyss Lord's Skeletal Ramsters on Betsy's platform during the final wave of The Wyvern Den, and face them to target Betsy as she arrives, most of the Skeletal Ramsters will not attack her at all.  None of the Abyss Lord's other defenses have this issue - Skeletal Orcs, Skeletal Archers, and the Colossus are all capable of attacking Betsy with no problem.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start a match on The Wyvern's Den on any difficulty
  2. During the final wave, when Betsy lands and becomes damageable, place Skeletal Ramsters on Betsy's platform and orient them so that they're facing Betsy when she arrives.
  3. Most of the Skeletal Ramsters, if not all of them, will not attack.  All other defenses will.

Nerva posted this bug on02/12/17
Nerva 02/12/17 03:49

Not sure if this is a Map or Hero issue, so I chose the Hero category since the problem is specific to the Abyss Lord.  I've never had any other character's defenses fail to attack Betsy when placed on her platform.

D.Gonzalez 03/01/17 18:51

This is indeed happening, thank you for your report.


LotK 03/02/17 08:13

I guess it is because ramsters usually don't attack air, but betsy is actually air :)

iamisom 06/02/17 12:47

By design, Skeletal Ramsters are not supposed to hit flying enemies. In our next patch, we are updating its defense range indicator to accurately reflect this. If you wish to discuss whether it should or shouldn't hit flying enemies, please start a discussion thread on our forums.

We are marking this particular report as Fixed as there is an identical report in the Recent Reports section, but to be clear, this issue is not currently fixed; it'll be fixed in the next update.

Thanks for the report!

Edited on: 06/02/17 12:48