Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Crit damage formula and hero swapping (Windows)

Your whole critical damage formula needs a rework.

A lot of abilities scale with the current hero you are using. So you spawn the ability on one hero and swap to another. 

With Gunwitches high critical damage your crit formula is broken. And it is also broken if you choose to neglect HD on your characters.(See Gunwitch snipe)

I think this video explains it better than me trying to do it with words.


PandynatorDD posted this bug on10/13/16
Petire 10/14/16 13:01

I have confirmed this with multiple different abilities, if you can possibly list a few that are not affected by this that would be great. Thanks for the report. 

PandynatorDD 10/14/16 19:25

The new forum ate my post;D 

In short, it seems to work on any ability that does not disappear when you swap character.

I got it working even on the second damage portion of mighty smash harbinger passive.

Does not work on pet abilities.

Does not work on halberd since it does not critically hit.

While testing if it applied to monk basic attack(I could not get it to work) I found another bug;D

Dani 11/03/16 20:06

Confirm fixed for next release.