Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Steam achievements bugged. (Windows)

The steam achievement just aren't working.

In fact, the in-game challenges don't always seem to keep track of progress.

K-ToF posted this bug on10/13/16
RoseCrime 10/24/16 08:00

Yep. +to it.
Especially Special Delivery xD
Sometimes also "collection" show some challenge completed 100%(or one collection fully 100%),but one day later(or after playing a bit) it may be different %.

1993Palkia 10/24/16 13:03

Same Problem here.

Want to get the Achievement

"Buster Cannon: Deal 5,000,000 damage with Cannonball Towers."

I got ingame the Achievement Buster Cannon 3: Deal 50.000.000 Damage, but not the steam achievement for 5.000.000 Damage

1993Palkia 10/24/16 13:07

Btw. I should have all 4 damage achievements on steam, but i got none of them

Nikkybro 10/26/16 19:11

I took some pictures on my steam profile https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048413740/ So that should show which achievements I should have. 

Azacomu 11/04/16 16:43


Unlocked multiple challenges in-game, for example the use 100 environmental traps and deal 5000000 damage with cannons, but they did not unlock as steam achievement (maybe achievement trigger bugged?)

Aside from that, level achievements did still unlock for me on steam.

VexX 11/04/16 20:59

Also having problems with in-game tracking.  No idea where I am with spooky challenges because my progress changes every time I look.

Meowies 11/17/16 08:38

Somehow I have gotten 100% for Special Delivery, while Special Deliver 1 + 2 are at 0%.

Earlier today, all these were 100% except for the Special Delivery 3 and the only reason I check is because Steam told me it is the last achievement for me to complete.

Special Delivery bug

vorgash 06/24/17 14:26

same for me,

especially the new achievments after june 20th, 2017

e.g. "The Defender" and "Heroes United" leveled 6 heroes today to level 50, no achievments T.T

greets vorgash

Edited on: 06/24/17 14:27
Azmodor 08/27/17 17:01

Got the same problem with "The Zapper" already had the ingame Achievment, but even after getting again 5.000.000 dmg with Lightning Aura there was no change :/