Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

mod chaos tiers down (Windows)
All of my items (equipment and relics), both equipped/looted before the update and looted after the update, have a lower chaos tier mod(s) by 1 level. For example, chaos 1 gear has campaign tier mods; chaos 2 gear has chaos 1 mods, etc.
Repro Chance: 100%
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Any map I have played (chaos 1&2), all items dropped have inferior mod qualities.

Expected Results: If someone could confirm whether this is isolated, or otherwise a feature, that would be ideal. Obviously, having inferior mods leads to major problems and material costs with tinkering and/or not being able to have up-to-tier mods.

Daemon posted this bug on04/17/19
ConnorM 04/17/19 17:26

Yeah this is happening, but I need to note that it is visual only. All of your items still have the stats of the correct chaos level, visually it looks like it is down by 1. (Chaos 3 passives will appear as Chaos 2, but still give the stats of Chaos 3)

Daemon 04/17/19 18:10

Thank you for the timely response, Connor. I appreciate the information.