Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

C3 Mastery Stars not showing on stage select (PS4)
Mastery Completed Stages showing as not done - stars lost
Repro Chance: 30%
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Before the new update, i had most of the stars on C7, C6, C1, and i had all of the stars on C2, and were two stages away on C3 from having all stars as well. Upon loading the new update last night, after a quick search - all of my C3 progress has been lost. When i look at any C3 stage, it shows no stars on any stage, and i had 5 stars on all c3 stages but 2 dungeon maps. This is happening on the stage select World Map when i go to sleect which stage to play. I checked other chaos level maps, and they did show my completed stars. In addition though - my total star count seems unaffected. I have the right amount of total stars still. I do not know if i tried to beat one of these C3 stages with no stars now - if that would add to my total star count or not, basically repeating the same stars again, which would mean - i could get more than 735 stars... I did not check every single stage, as the new Mastery interface does not make that easy or quick to do, but so far only the C3 stages seem to be affected for me. 

Expected Results: Incorrect star results on stage selection screen

Jaws_420 posted this bug on09/26/18