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War table iPWR (Windows)

Well, when you go to the War map it will display your iPWR on the top. Sometimes, but very frequently it will tell you someone else's iPWR. Not sure if this happens in the tavern with friends, but it does happen in town.

GothicBite posted this bug on11/17/16
Reij 11/18/16 14:05

I'm not seeing this behavior, but several reports have come in about it. Please post as much information as you can find about this bug.

Ubara-tutu 11/19/16 12:56

It seems to show the iPwr of whoever is first in the [ESC} hero list. It works correctly a lot because it seems to move me to the top of the list fairly rapidly. It also uses your iPwr when entering a level no matter what the displayed iPwr says. E.G. the ipwr displayed is 100 but my char is 300, it will still let me join an iPwr 300 game.

LordAngel 11/27/16 18:39

I reported this bug under the previous bug submission form and it is still here.

Very annoying and almost certainly extremely easy and quick to fix.

 Screen shot of public group showing someone else with 693 ipower at top of list, I am LordAngel at 690


screen shot of my game browser pretending I have 693 ipower not 690.


Up voting this to get the fix.

Edited on: 12/01/16 13:18
ConnorM 03/31/17 16:47

Fixed by removal