Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Unable to Evolve Kitty General (Windows)
As the title says I can't evolve my kitty general, altough it is 10/10 in level, 10/10 in affection, I have 20/7 material for it and I have the money. I could press the button for a week but nothing happens. I am unable to evolve since Jul 11.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Go to the pet shops

2. Select your pet, check the materials/level/affection

3. Try to evolve it

4. Hear the evolve sound and nothing happens.

Expected Results: My kitty evolving.

Vinkereine posted this bug on07/16/18
ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 07/16/18 09:31


Yeah we've been investigating an issue with them. In the meantime, you can try fixing the problem on your end by picking up the stacks of pet materials and just placing it in a different inventory slot. Perhaps even in the same spot. Doing so will re-sync the materials you have with the server. Its getting caught in a weird state.