Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Lightning Aura, Fissure of Embermount, Blaze Balloon and Sand Viper dont crit anymore (Windows)





Imeasytokill posted this bug on11/16/16
Xano 11/19/16 11:57

It also exist on Squire Unholy Fire secondary attack and Huntress Bling-O-Midas secondary attack as well.

Zimmermann 11/20/16 20:41

Just noticed the LA version of this bug... splurged it all over the forums. Hopefully it will get some more attention now at least.

Zimmermann 11/24/16 07:06

The periodic damage from the weapon Glaive of the Storm is also unable to critically hit, not sure if this is connected to this bug, or a bug entirely to itself, or bizarrely out of design.

KaelubReece 11/27/16 15:39

I can attest to these claims. They still don't crit. On dummies and against actual monsters in maps

Nebucadneza 12/11/16 17:59

EV2 Protonbeam doesnt crit aswell