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Missing items after leaving map (again) (Windows)
So this just happened to me recently and it was fixed pretty fast (thanks for that) but it has happened again. Most things from the first bag in my inventory have been deleted. It mostly consisted of pet items and a little bit of materials. This time I was playing on C4 on the little horn valley town map and I was in a slight hurry at the time so after beating the round 5, I left the game before opening the victory chest. I was on my gunwitch and before loading into the town I had closed out of the game. I know this issue was recently just fixed for me so sorry about making you fix it twice.
Repro Chance: 20%
Steps for Bug Repro:

I guess so far if I leave a map early on my gunwitch it seems to happen? It has only happened twice so far though. 

Expected Results: Items to be returned

ItsGermany posted this bug on07/02/18
ItsGermany 07/02/18 02:38

Just found that closing out the game and restarting it returns all of the lost items, sorry!

ConnorM 07/02/18 11:00

Any sort of transition should fix the issue should it occur again. It is usually an issue with your profile not loading in time.

TopMercenary 07/06/18 05:56

One of my friend's accounts consistently has a similar problem with items disappearing. Relogging fixes it 90% of the time, but sometimes after completing a map and returning to tavern then turning the xbox off, we'll discover that all items earned from the last match are not there and relogging does not help. So items are definitely still disappearing. She filed a support ticket a week ago but no response...