Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Not able to go back to Tavern or Tavern (Windows)
For 3 Days now iam unable to go back to Tavern/Town when i finish a map, it searches for session and then says request has timed out. After that i can just wait for the timer to send me to the next Map, but even on the next Map i can not go back to the Tavern/Zown, before or after clearing the map makes no difference, only way to go back to Town/Tavern is to quit the game and restart it. The Region i am using is definitly the right one, i am sitting in Germany and play in the Eripean Region, so that should not be a problem My internet conection is pretty good for german standart (200k line - meaning about 24 Mbps download and 12 Mbps upload) so that shouldn't be the problem either.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1a. Clear a Map

2a. on the completition screen choose Back to Town or Back to Taven

3a. searching for session appears

4a. request timed out appears

5a. wait for timer to be sent to next map, because everything else is greyed out

1b be sent to next map

2b before starting the map choose leave session

3b want to go back to Tavern/Town appears - choose yes

4b sometimes nothing comes up and sometimes searching for session then nothing or request timed out

Expected Results: Being able to get back to Town/Taven after a match, because having to quit and restart the game everytime is just a tad inconvinient.

Zavi posted this bug on06/27/18
ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 06/27/18 17:50


Did this start happening after the last update (the release of the tinkerer, etc..) or has it always happened? Also, what operating system are you running and have there been updates to it recently or any updates to the firewall/antivirus?


Zavi 06/28/18 02:47


thats the odd thing, it started 3 days ago (okay today it is 4 days) - so on monday (though i wasn't home and did not play on the weekend so i can't say if it would have happened then already).

It never happened to me before, never had any of this kind of problem

I am using Windows 10 and there are no changes that i know of.

Checked my Firewall and antivirus - everything seems normal and dd2 has it exception 

Have a nice day

ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 06/28/18 11:23

Thanks for the info. Our tech guys are looking into it and we have the logs from your game sessions to trying to figure out whats going on.


Zavi 06/28/18 12:27

 thank you very much for the quick response

Have a nice day.

Malkavar 07/21/18 00:13

i have the same problem but nothing changed

Lucian Stellar 08/14/18 12:48

Same, I am also experiencing this issue. Please fix so that i may enjoy the game :D.

Cookie 10/03/18 18:05

This happens to me all the time. It means I can't just press "Next Floor" or "Replay Map" when playing with friends because they load instantly and mine times out and kicks me, so then I have to join them which takes like 2-3 minutes for some reason.

Has there been any development in a fix for this? It's really inconvenient having to wait 2 minutes for a loading screen to appear if I queue for a dungeon or go back to tavern or go to town etc. Meanwhile the friends I play with are having zero issues with this.

Martintiger 10/04/18 10:56

This is absolutely annoying, and they need to fix this. I can't even play normally anymore.

Martintiger 10/04/18 10:58 @7161

Honestly it's been like that more me but not as bad way before the Protean update. It happened to me  few times but now every time.