Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Floor 65 cosmetics not received (PS4)
Me and my niece play split screen and we went on onslaught we got to floor 65 and we beat it and we were suppose to get the floor 65 cosmetics I got the floor 66 cosmetics and she did not.
Repro Chance: 10%
Steps for Bug Repro:

We did onslaught floor 65 and we beat it and she did not receive her cosmetics

Expected Results: She was suppose to get the floor 65 cosmetic and she didn’t?

Anneurys2 posted this bug on06/27/18
ConnorM 06/27/18 12:43

It seems there is a problem with the prerequisite for unlocking the Onslaught and Prestige challenges. Unfortunately there isn't a quick fix we can do, but everything will be awarded once a fix is released.

Cheshirio 10/21/18 15:55

same bug

I3l4ckfl4m3 11/13/18 11:38

Happened to me aswell. Cleared floor 38 and havent gotten my cosmetics.


Mr flubber 11/20/18 18:54

Same for me I did not receive my cosmetics for floor 38 after doing it solo and with other people or after redoing another floor or restarting the game.