Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Missing shards from items. (All Platforms)
Some shards from my items are gone.I haven played for a while so it may be this.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

NOt found if Repro means fixing the bug .

Expected Results: Just see if there is something that can be done.

KingAK posted this bug on06/20/18
D.Gonzalez 06/20/18 15:03

Thanks for your report on this issue.

monkkami 06/24/18 17:59

It happened to me too i have a a missing Vicious Strikes

Edited on: 06/24/18 18:55
monkkami 06/24/18 18:55

It happened to me too i have a a missing Vicious Strikes

monkkami 06/24/18 18:58 @7022

It happened to me too i have a a missing Vicious Strikes

monkkami 06/24/18 18:59 @7022

It happened to me too i have a a missing Vicious Strikes

Wolfdaemone 06/25/18 23:28

I logged on for the first time in months (last time was just after the update with the female wizard) and realized that all the shards that were equipped on my equipment were no longer there. The rest of my inventory was there, including the gear the shards had been equipped on, just the equipped shards were missing. I left a comment on a different page that said to allow three to four business days for a response and it's been longer than that. Here's hoping this is the right place to post the issue, and having spent money on multiple shard packs, here's hoping it's not too late for the problem to be resolved :) 

I play through steam.

I also posted this in another area on this page, but it was commenting on a bug that had been resolved, so not sure if it will show up there or not.

monkkami 06/26/18 13:20 @7022

my issue was fixed




tryhards234 08/02/18 17:04

Im missing my hyper shards please reroll mee

tryhards234 08/02/18 17:06

Im missing my visious strike  please fix it i worked so hard :(

Kaynin 01/02/19 03:24

Can someone please from trendy get me back my shard? i'm missing a defense attack speed shard and it's making me really mad cause that was an amazing shard it was max level but not evolved

Goblin Techies Viet Nam 10/28/21 22:02
I lost my hyper shard Mass Destruction after the update.
elf 11/06/21 17:16
It happened to me too i have a a missing Vicious Strikes & mass destruction
elf 11/07/21 07:01
how i can get back my shard missing after update Vicious Strikes & mass destruction i play so mush to get this shard plz answer me .
Goblin Techies Viet Nam 11/12/21 08:22
I lost my hyber Mass Destruction shard, after many times of disassembling the tower, pls hope the developers send it back to me. I have been playing DD II game for a long time. thank you guys
tero 01/17/22 05:14
I lost my hyper shard Mass Destruction shard and vicious strike shard, can you check it for me? i have done mastery and chaos prime for the shard just missing after the update. Need help please.
Thunderstar 03/03/22 15:18
It happendt to me too i lost all my hyper shards when it was done before c8 and c9 except mass dusruction and visois strikes idk what happendt havent played for a while hope to get shards back soon. i got 3 mass destruction cause i have mastery with 50 stars other one is from Prime
A3C 04/04/22 13:05
It happened to me too, when i right click it from WA then i don't find it in my bag !! ( Vicious Strikes )
Medved 11/11/22 05:19
Had the shame issue recently, lost my Vicious Strikers from Prime 6. Please return the shard!