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Lost equipped shards after Protean update (Windows)
When I logged in after the Protean update I got notifications saying that the shards couldn't fit in the bags and they were sent to scavenger. Checked at scavenger and nothing was there. It seems I lost all equipped shards. NOTE: Haven't played since the ancient power update.
Repro Chance: 100%
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Cannot reproduce since it was only the first time I logged in.

Expected Results: Why you steal my shards? :)

Djinn posted this bug on06/19/18
Djinn 06/19/18 14:58 @7009

In that case were are the shards that I had equipped? When I logged in I had 0 Destruction shards (I had at least 5-6 before) and 0 Deadly Strikes (Had at least 2-3)


Also noticed this issue metioned by others in discord

Edited on: 06/19/18 15:01
gamerx232 06/24/18 15:01

When i logged in after the Protean update i didnt get any messages other than what the update brought to the game. I went to see how my bees were doing damage wise and i notice the were extreamly low, like below 1.6mil damage like they were before the update. So i looked in my inventory and i notice my destruction shards (all of them) were no where to be found. I looked through all my bags and they werent there. I dont know what happened to them. Did something happen during the update that made them disapper? Help would be greatly appritiated.

Terralux 06/25/18 18:26

Lost my Shards too. 

Wolfdaemone 06/27/18 00:21

This is my third comment on this site over the same issue. The first I posted in a fixed forum (so it might never be received), the second I posted in a newer forum, bu can't find it anymore, but this one most accurately describes the issue. Last time I logged in (previous to this month) was just after the update with the female wizard. When I logged on recently, all the shards I had had equipped on my equipment were gone. The others in my inventory were still there, and the equipment they were equipped on was still there, but the shards were not. Scavenger was empty for me too. I spent real money on shard packs getting some of them, so if this issue could be resolved, I'd appreciate it :)