Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Oily Harpoon Sphere I - Doing nothing (Windows)


I recently tried this Sphere,but it does nothing : not oiling,not slow not possibly ignite .

Don't now if the ballista damage nerf was removed as intended or also a bug.


Devas posted this bug on11/16/16
[TE]Sev3n 12/02/16 15:03

Testing this out again internally here, I see that the oily harpoon sphere is applying the debuff with no issue. Some monsters are affected by it less than others depending on the strength of the monster. For example, on an Ogre, the effect lasts so short that it's barely noticeable. If you can get a video of this happening with a non-boss monster, that would be helpful to determine what the issue is. Thanks.

Trendy 03/08/17 09:49

Fixed with the Trials Update as Sphere's system was replaced.