Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Hornets not scaling with crit damage (Windows)

Title says it really, not sure if intended or not but defense crit damage is not scaling on the Hornets for the Dryad when upgraded.

Juicebags posted this bug on11/16/16
SidewalkHero 11/19/16 16:24

Not only that but it seems all but the harpy crit damage doesn't increase when upgraded.

On another note it seems odd that the hornets have a 10% crit chance increase sphere but their crit chance still caps at 40%.

Random Asian 12/14/16 17:36

Moss Hornets share the same Crit scaling as Slime Pit and Angry Nimbus. Those 2 towers also don't increase their Crit Dmg when upgraded. Harpies are working properly but have different crit dmg scaling.