Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Shards do not function in the first slot on Wayfarer weapons (Windows)
Essentially, shards don't work if placed into the first from top shard slot on Wayfarer weapons.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

I'll show an easy example here

Equip any legendary canister on the EV2 (3 shard slots) and then equip the Proton Cannon Insulator shard (maxed, decreases Proton Charge heat generation rate by 20%), this will show that the cost of Proton Charge is 16 heat. Then equip the Celebration weapon and notice that your Proton Charge cost is now 20 again despite having the shard equipped.

This is the easiest example for showing this bug, but no shard I tested works for the first slot of Wayfarer weapons. Regular weapons work just fine.

Expected Results: Our new additional shard slot should be an actual slot, not just a visual slot.

Partek posted this bug on03/08/18
ConnorM 03/08/18 17:40

So I was able to get it working for a few heroes/weapons by moving the shard to the 2nd slot and then back to the 1st slot. 

Jeret 03/09/18 10:15

Same by me, if i put my ravenhost shard in the first slot of my meowmere it wont work, do i change it with haunting in the second slot and put haunting instead in the first slot, ravenhost works, but hunting in the first slot dosnt work.

If i use my crystaline saber with the same shards, all shards work proberly.

Edit: the feathers and the aura of the both mentioned shards are visible, but the 10 stacks damage stacks wont proc.

Edited on: 03/09/18 10:21
All Your Yeahs 03/31/18 07:17

I can confirm this same bug as i am currently unable to get my Haunting shard to work on theTerra Blade, regardless of whether equipped on first or second slot.  Seems to work intermittently.