Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Loss of completed onslaught floor progress (PS4)
After victory completing an onslaught floor progress is lost and sent back to the beginning of the floor after crash. After lost temple victory banner and opening victory chest, after hitting the continue button the game crashes to blue screen before map summary or freezes after map summary. The crash is almost 100% reliably happening after victory on lost temple map 3/3 of the floor. Workaround is to open shard packs and sell items to try to trigger a save event prior to continuing but this does not always work.
Repro Chance: 90%
Steps for Bug Repro:

I have 25 heros and I may use up to 3 or 4 obelisks on the map.

I have been working on higher level maps 55-68.

The crash seems exclusive to lost temple map 3/3 victory.

Hit continue button andblue screen crash occurs then or freeze crash happens after continuing at the map summary screen.


Expected Results: No crash... But I've lost a few floors, several hours of progress which I find extremely frustrating. I want my time back but that's not possible... Honestly I would like some onslaught floor progression compensation.

OxBow posted this bug on01/13/18
ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 01/15/18 17:18


We are actively trying to figure this out as we speak. We're looking to move the save trigger to a different location but more than that we're trying to fix the crash.

War_MachineXL 07/18/18 13:16

Seems like theres a huge issue with the Lost Temple map itself. I get the infinite loading screen on Lost Temple floor 9 100% cant progress on PC Windows 8.1

SFC Hall 07/19/18 15:35

I am unable to progress after finishing an onslaught until several days later or at all.