Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Gunwitch flies with Snipe (Windows)
If the Gunwitch his her double jump just as you snipe your model continues to fly in the direction that you jump. However where you are shooting from stays the same as where you clicked snipe.
Repro Chance: 20%
Steps for Bug Repro:


Hit Snipe

Immediatly hit jump as you click snipe

Expected Results: Should fly in the jump direction but shooting point stays same.

PugInSpace posted this bug on12/24/17
Gwenyviere 06/08/18 14:06

This happens to me all the time

MiniTie 03/27/19 20:02

This bug is very common for me, it lags then teleports you back to where you jumped from the floor.

Ohke Tek 06/12/19 12:30

You can reproduce this 100% in the Town by going to a catapult, press E and snipe mode at the same time. You will continue in the last direction of movement until snipe mode ends.

Belpheras 05/30/20 20:57

Keeps happening to me as well, quite annoying