Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Defender Pack Pet Regent Bug (Windows)
When receiving a pet regent (in this case a vial of Gato Mischief) it produces a seperate vial entity (as in it does not stack with other vials of the same type) and does not count when being used to evolve a pet. When going to the peteranarian, it does not display as an applicable evolution material.
Repro Chance: 10%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1. Get a defender pack

2. Get lucky (unlucky?) and get a pet regent (possibly just the vial of gato mischief)

3. Thats pretty much it, the vial that you get does not seem to work with the peteranarian and does not stack with other vials of the same type.Image depicting a lack of 2 vials being available when 2 vials are present in inventory

2 vials, of the same type, not stacking.

Expected Results: A non working and inventory wasting pet regent that serves no purpose from what i can tell.

Zuperdork posted this bug on12/15/17
Zuperdork 12/15/17 05:16

 Here are the direct links to this pictures because your image feature doesnt seem to work.

peteranarian not counting the seperate vials as 2 vials


2 vials being present and not stacking