Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

New Map (Power of Ancients) freezes and crashes after extreme lag on PS4 on round 5 (repeatable) (PS4)
After floor 60 a new lane opens on the new map every round. The problem is by the 5th round thats 4 additional lanes with defenses built in each on top of 6 lanes that you start with and 3-4 air lanes. This causes lag to the point where your character freezes, the sound skips and the game eventually crashes. This only happens on the new map and is repeatable. It seems the console simply cant handle all of these horde lanes with all the defenses needed to build it with and all of the animations of enemies/towers/and heroes. Also related to this if you use call of madness in a frost horde lane, it will slow down the game until it crashes. This occcurs on any map.
Repro Chance: 90%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Get a PS4, on floor 60 or above, get to the new map (beat the first 2 maps) On map 3 beat each wave. The game will become increasingly laggy up to round 5. During round 5 the game will continue to hit a lag spike and has a high probability of crashing. It seems due to the number of enemies and special abilities being used by the enemies. If you use call of madness on a horde frost lane it will also cause the game to lag due to the number of frost animations being rendered.

Expected Results: I am expecting the map to be stable enough to play on the console, reduce the number of enemies/lanes or vastly reduce the lag caused by enemy animations and abilities.

Nigiri Toro posted this bug on12/14/17