Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Can't see mastery stars conditions in game (Windows)
In mastery mode, either on the "Esc" menu, or during the game (when you fail for example), the game doesn't tell you what is the condition to earn a star.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

Play the mastery mode. In game, you can't see the condition to win the stars, and when you fail one, it's only  written "FAILED :" in red, not saying what was failed.

Expected Results: Just let us see the stars conditions in game, it's annoying when you play with other players (not the party leader) and you don't know what are the conditions to earn the stars during the game. The party leader has to explain them all everytime.

Lien27 posted this bug on12/14/17
ConnorM 12/14/17 09:45

So we figured out the reason for this and are working on a fix.

Turns out this happens when your system language is set to something other than English. 

If you have another way to reproduce this let us know so we can fix that way as well.

Edited on: 12/14/17 13:54
Gubbins 12/16/17 10:47

i have exactly the same issue, on top of that i can't see the timer for timed building requirements in Mastery timed maps

Ratzefummel 01/06/18 01:20

It depends on foreign system language settings.

I asked more than 30 people and all have the same issue.

System languages were:

german, potuguese, spanish, danish, swedish, norwegian and polish

Forget ASCII, ANSI !

Ask your developers to recode the game to utf-8, utf-12 or better utf-16 UNICODE all all will be fine.

Ratzefummel 01/11/18 19:19

The friday patch on january the 12th fixed all the issues.

All goals displayed correctly.