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Crane Stance no Stak passive! (Windows)
The Shard for the monk (''Crane Stance '' Each secondary attack increases the damage of the next primary attack by 10-90%. Stacks up to 6 times. ) No Stacks passive!!
Repro Chance: 80%
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Shard no Stack! :(

Expected Results: Resolve!

GutinhoFox posted this bug on12/13/17
TE Jephya 12/14/17 09:41

Hi GutinhoFox!

We are aware of this issue and currently have this listed in our database. We're working to have this fixed in the next couple of updates. Thanks for improving Dungeon Defenders 2!

Edited on: 12/14/17 09:42
Bryan 01/16/18 04:42

Hope to see this fixed soon

Tx_Toast 01/28/18 13:23

This is still a bug for me, I can't tell if it is stacking but not showing the stack count(or it's so tiny that you can't ready it) or it just doesn't work.