Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

EV2 Death from Above, decoy does not spawn allowing infinite bots (Windows)
The Death from Above ability's decoy does not spawn if EV2 jumps in the same frame in which the ability is activated. When used with the Dummies and Bots shard, the bots spawn but the decoy does not. This is likely due to the fact that the bots are spawned before the decoy. Infinite bots can be placed (excluding time despawn time cap).
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1 Equip Dummies and Bots shard (optional)

2 Press Jump and 2nd skill at the exact same frame

3 Bots will be placed, but the decoy will not appear

4 Repeat indefinitely (damage isn't that great anyways)

Bots in tavern

Expected Results: Jumping and activating Death from Above should spawn the decoy. The Dummies and Bots shard should ideally be limited to a cap of 3 or less at anytime.

Sonny6155 posted this bug on10/16/17
TE Jephya 10/16/17 10:44

Hi Sonny6155,

Thank you for your bug submission. We've taken a look at your post and were able to successfully reproduce this bug on our end. We went ahead and submitted the bug into our database and should have a fix for this in the next couple of updates.

Thank you again for improving Dungeon Defenders 2!