Dungeon Defenders 2 Bug Reporting

Steam achievement "The Defender" and "Heroes United" are bugged (Windows)
Sometime in 2016 I had all the Steam Achievements for DD2, but something happened around when the come left early Access. The achievements "The Defender" (which should be just reaching level 25 with 2 heroes) and "Heroes United" (reaching level 50 with 2 heroes) is not completed, but I already have 64 heroes all leveled up to 50. I have leveled up more since then (2 Initiates and 2 Adepts after deleting other characters), but still do not have that achievement.
Repro Chance: 100%
Steps for Bug Repro:

1) Look at characters and note the multiple maxxed out chars

2) Note how 2 achievements are still not completed

Expected Results: I would like those achievements to properly be counted as done for me and anyone else with over 2 maxxed chars

geo981010 posted this bug on10/03/17
AustinPowers 10/11/17 15:07

Hello Geo I have looked over this as of today and i am noticing that i do have the achievements for this. Do you still not have these as of today?


geo981010 10/12/17 17:22 @6289

I still do not have them - here is my Steam Profile:


Deez Nutz 10/12/17 22:27

Just commenting on this that if you start a fresh steam account/save etc these will unlock, but any pre achivment player they never seem to

Cryo 10/12/17 22:53

I do not have the achievement either, despite trying to level heroes for the achievement as well. I only use one of each hero, except for lavamancer and mystic which I have multiples of to place multiple obelisks and volcanoes


Ubara-tutu 10/23/17 08:45

I am also missing these 2 steam achievements.

vorgash 10/28/17 06:43

same for me, played since early access, unlocked the achievements before the update 1.0 and

after the update no achievements unlocked on steam. frustrating

Rudi 10/30/17 15:37
I have the same bug as well.
Ryusei 10/31/17 05:21

I'm surprised this hasn't been fixed yet but more so that it wasn't approved until this month. I reported this bug back in June just after the update and it's still under review. Here is what I found out then:

I tried unlocking the Steam achievements on my account several ways but to no avail:

  • 2 new inactive heroes in the first two slots leveled to 50 with 2 active level 50s in the last two slots.
  • 2 new active heroes in the first two slots leveled to 50 with 2 inactive level 50s in the last two slots.
  • 2 new active heroes in the first two slots leveled to 50 with no other heroes in the deck.
  • 1 new active hero in slot 1 (with no other heroes in the deck) leveled to 25+ followed by a second new active hero in slot 2 leveled to 25+.

Note: By active, I mean I was using them throughout the match.

I tested this further with my alt account. I already had 'The Defender' in-game achievement unlocked, so upon logging in for the first time after the update, it was not automatically unlocked in Steam. I proceeded to leveling up four heroes to 50, all the while staying on the same hero. 'The Defender' Steam achievement did not unlock in the process. Even though the hero I was on reached 50 first, the 'Heroes United' in-game and Steam achievements were both unlocked the next round when the other three heroes leveled up to 50. Through the use of a sandbox, I attempted to earn 'The Defender' Steam achievement again by using my main account to carry two heroes on my alt from 0 - 25 but had no success.

Conclusion: The Steam achievements of these two in-game achievements only unlock for players who didn't complete the in-game variants before the official release.

Rev 11/10/17 18:15

Same here. I have them in DD2 under Collections, but Steam doesn't recognize them/unlock. Anyone who played early access and got them in game seems to have this problem.

plockis 12/06/17 11:19

same here, I got heroes united, BUT NOT The Defender achievement on Steam, though I have it under collections.

Luxuriia 12/13/17 21:21

Just bumping this post as this bug is still around.


I've tried leveling new heroes multiple times in the first two slots but I haven't gotten the achievements.

Edited on: 12/13/17 21:22
Alag286 12/18/17 03:08

I don't have both of these. Juicebags doesn't have them either. He was asc 2828, I'm at asc 1772 at the time of this writing . I took 2 new characters (Huntress and squire from nothing to 26 in campaign (no other heros active, no pets, started with no gear, used only gear found in the campaign) Still no Achievement.

Thanks in advance.


Edited on: 12/18/17 03:16
Luxuriia 12/28/17 07:06

Bumping as this is still a problem

Dmitriy 01/10/18 07:29

Same issue here. Had several level 50 heroes before these achievements were introduced, didn't play for a while. Logged in recently and `Champion Hero -
Reach level 50 on a hero.` and `Etheria Defense Force - On four heroes, reach level 50.` unlocked instantly. But `The Defender` and `Heroes United` didn't.

Siopilos 01/13/18 09:08


After a big brake i am back and im noticed that I also have this problem! I have 15x 50lv heroes and 2x 25 but unfortunately The Defender and Heroes United completed in my steam achievments

Please be so kind to fix this issue =)


ItWasLikeThatWhenIGotHere 01/15/18 17:24

Bump!!!! I'm pushing for a fix. I'm trying guys!!! I will go to war for you!

Tx_Toast 01/28/18 13:32

I have been away from DD2 for about a year(since the carnival ended and shards became a thing) and I've come back to try again. I've been actively playing for about 2 months and still have yet to unlock these 2 achievements. After leveling up 3 characters from 1 to 50, I still haven't received them yet. I started back in October 2015, and unlocked Talon Guard(4 heroes to 25) in the same month. Please fix this issue.