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button start campaign (Windows)
new update - new bug button start campaign
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after this new update with hero the adept also some bugs were made and start campaign is one of them. now everytime i login i see button start campaign, it is for players that didnt complete campaign right? i already completed all trials and incursion of chaos 7. before this update it was "okay" button start campaign wasnt there. are you trying to create a reset button? i dont want to start from begin and lose my progress.

Expected Results: i want this bug fixed.

jobetoco94 posted this bug on08/25/17
jobetoco94 08/29/17 08:45

i see this:

DariusGalaxyz 08/29/17 13:00

I started freakin out when I first launched DD2 after this v1.1 update, cuz it not only said Start Campaign, but it was showing the Gates Of Dragonfall background-video, so I was hoping and praying that my progress was still intact, which it indeed was, whew. After I went back out to the menu screen, it changed to the proper Siphon Site D, which is where I am in the Campaign, but it still has the Start Campaign button for some odd reason.