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Pet backgrounds do not show the right rarity (All Platforms)
After the new Patch 1.1 the backgrounds from the pets "changed" the rarity. The name still says that Furlin (picture 2) is an Epic but the background is from an Mythic. I tried to unequip it but nothing changed.
Repro Chance: 100%
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Expected Results: I hope that the pets get the right background again(Furlin=Epic -> Epic background).

GrandmaFishstick posted this bug on08/24/17
ConnorM 08/24/17 12:12

This is a known issue, for some reason the backgrounds decided they wanted to be tied to the evolution tier of the pet.

reject91 08/24/17 13:03

This has also happened to me with pieces of gear. An items icon will display the incorrect rarity. I've found this bug to typically occur in my 2nd bag rather than the first or both. This bug has been around for a while.

Edited on: 08/24/17 13:04
GrandmaFishstick 08/26/17 10:18 @6030

I realized that shortly after I posted this. When you evolve the Pet it changes the rarity to the next better one. I didnt now that, my bad.